Unit 6 work quietly,Part A Let’s learn教学设计

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Unit 6 work quietlyPart A Lets learn教学设计


1、 The Ss can listen, read and write the phrases “doing morning exercises, having class, eating lunch, reading a book, listening to music.

2、 The Ss can use the pattern  What is he/she doing? What are you/they doing? in communication.

3、 The Ss can learn to cherish time and arrange time properly.


能正确运用句型What is he/she doing? What are you/they doing?



Sing the song What are you doing

二、 Presentation

1、 导学提示

(1) 自读下列单词:

climbing , drinking, eating, jumping, playing, sleeping


A: What are they doing?

B: Theyre eating lunch.

A: Whats the little monkey doing?

B: Its playing with its mother.


doing morning exercises, havingclass, eating lunch, reading a book, listening to music

2、 小组展示导学提示

3、教学词组doing morning exercises, eating lunch, reading a book, listening to music

   出示图片,师问What is she doing?学生回答She is ……

4、 教学词组havingclass

出示图片,师问What are the students doing?

引导学生回答They are having English class.

出示图片,替换练习What are they doing? They are..

三、 Practice

1、 游戏:打地鼠


2Look and say


3、 Ask and answer


4、 Make a dialogue in your group

每组模仿dialogue one 或者dialogue two进行表演对话,小组必须有一至两人表演,其他组员对话。教师将根据表演的真实性,对话的正确性,流利性予以评分。

5、 Listen, repeat and number



Time is money. Arrange your time properly.

五、 Homework

1Read and write the phrases “doing morning exercises, eating lunch , having…class, reading a book, listening to music”.

2Talk with your partner about what is she/he doing?


                     Unit 6 Work quietly!

Part A Lets learn

What is he/she doing?                    What are they/ you doing?

                     doing morning exercises

She/he is              eating lunch

                     reading a book

They/we are           listening to music